This case study will take you through the whole process of brand and website creation for an insurance broker based in Geneva, Risk & Knowledge

Step 1: Discovery Session

This half-day workshop allows OneStop to gather as much information as possible about the project. 

We ask questions about :

1) The organisation, including mission, vision, services and more.

2) Your ideal clients, including the creation of personas

3) The brand itself, what it is supposed to represent, keywords, look & feel, and more.

Once the client agrees on the Discovery Session presentation, we have a clear idea of what your project is all about. Time to move on to step two. Our keywords for this project: Security, Trust, Professionalism, Discretion, Availibility.

Step 2: Stylescapes

We provide the client with three directions to choose from to create the brand. We present these three directions as Stylescapes, curated moodboards with some custom made design elements to give the client a good idea of what their brand may look like.

Step 3: Logo Design

Once a brand direction has been chosen, we now have a clear idea of what the brand will look like. We can now design our logo.

After a few iterations, we end up with the final logo in all of it’s forms.

Step 4: Full Visual Identity

A logo isn’t enough of course. We also need colours, typography, patterns, icons, business cards and so on. For our insurance broker, we chose a rich purple color, serif fonts, and topographical elements as a pattern to keep the overall feel professional.

Step 5: Website Creation

Creating a great website is no easy task. There are many steps to a great website, and they often include backend and frontend development, graphic design, photography, UI and UX processes, Search Engine Optimization, and more.

A sitemap gives us an overview of how many pages we need, as well as how they link with eachother.

Before designing anything, we make a wireframe to focus on the website layout.


For years R&K functioned under the name Ryan-Kay with the above website.


Click on the image above to visit the new website.

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