Morges Masquée

Morges Masquée is a magazine of artistic photos and texts, created throughout 2020 and presents an emotional retrospective of the COVID-19 crisis in the city of Morges, Switzerland.

From the first lockdown of March 2020 up until today, we have gone through so many emotions and situations that some memories are already fading. We wear the mask without thinking about it, it is now part of everyday life. It is in human nature: the present is gradually driving the past from our memories. 

This is why we present this artistic interpretation of what these months have meant for Morges and its inhabitants. It’s an album of photos and emotions that invites you to stop for a second and remember your own feelings and the trials you’ve been through. It is your personal story that will give meaning to your copy, hoping that you will recognize a little of your experience in these few pages.

In collaboration with the city of Morges, 400 magazines were printed and sold throughout the town. After almost one and a half years of daily photos and texts, this magazine will truly take you through the journey and memories we all share of this particular moment.


If you want your own copy of the magazine, you can get in touch here or you can buy a copy at Payot Morges. We are also available for more projects such as this if you wish to document something special to you.

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