The World Economic Forum and the United Nations Environment Programme partnered up to conduct the most in depth analysis into the State of Finance for Nature to date. The report was published at a World Economic Forum conference in June 2021. UNEP selects about ten reports a year to be considered flagship, and therefore require quality materials to make sure the report has the desired international reach.

OneStop was selected to provide all communications materials for the launch of the report. 



The first step was to define the visual identity of the programme. The keywords were “finance” and “nature”, so we decided on a professional and serious looking brand, with dark green and complementary red as main colors. Financial graphs and patterns were added as tertiary elements to enrichen the overall feeling. The title font is modern and boxy, and sets itself apart with a tech/finance look. 

Report layouting

We provided proofreading services, as well as translation into French and Spanish. Once the content was finalised, OneStop designed and layouted the 65 page report, including rebranding all graphs, infographics, and tables included in the report.

Graphs, infographics, and social media cards

Animated video

A 1min30 animated video was also created to help spread the word about this report. All animation was conducted by OneStop, and the music was conceived specifically for this project. You can watch the full video on top of this page.


The full project, including the report, can be viewed on the United Nations Environment Programme website here.

The report was viewed thousands of times, and hundreds of media organizations around the world picked up the story, including the guardian, linked here.

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